Demolish The Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon In 12 Weeks

The Sub-2 Hour Half Marathon Manifesto is the most in-depth, step-by-step guide of how to break the sub 2 hour half marathon barrier on the internet

Have you had issues completing your half-marathon at a pace you are certain you can hold for the entire 13.1 mile race? Runners around the world have the same questions and deserve to have more then a cookie-cutter program that gives workouts and does no more.

If you have questioned your ability, wondered if you have the capability to break 2 hours for the half marathon or simply want to know ways to drastically cut time from your current best half-marathon then the sub 2 hour half-marathon manifesto is the answer. You are seeking to do something so many others would away from, running a half-marathon, this takes an incredible amount desire and focus to complete.

You are waking up early, handling family responsibilities, working long hours all for the chance to not only run the half-marathon distance but trying to break an aggressive goal, the
sub 2 hour half-marathon.


I am no phenom, just an ordinary guy who was looking to improve my running. In the marathon, I went from 4:40 to 3:36 and then to 3:27, a Boston Marathon qualifying time for my age group in less than two years of running. Much of this success can be attributed to having a lot of heart and dedication.The other part, I can honestly say, happened when I was fortunate to find Nate Pennington as a coach on RunDreamAchieve. Nate crafted a thoughtful, personalized training plan which allowed me to achieve my dream of a BQ! Moreover. Nate is very accessible through email and always answered any questions I had in a timely manner.It will be a worthwhile investment in your running future.”
-Bill Haegle, 3.27 Marathoner, Boston Marathon QualifierRead More…
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