Half Marathon Running Schedule For Those Aspiring To Break The 2 Hour Half Marathon Barrier

Have you had issues completing your half-marathon at a pace you are certain you can hold for the entire 13.1 mile race? Runners around the world have the same questions and deserve to have more then a cookie-cutter program that gives workouts and does no more.

If you have questioned your ability, wondered if you have the capability to break 2 hours for the half marathon or simply want to know ways to drastically cut time from your current best half-marathon then the sub 2 hour half-marathon manifesto is the answer. It is the half  marathon running schedule solution for runners around the world to break the 2 hour barrier.

You are waking up early, handling family responsibilities, working long hours all for the chance to not only run the half-marathon distance but trying to break an aggressive goal, the sub 2 hour half-marathon.

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About Nathan Pennington

Nathan Pennington is a self-proclaimed ‘late bloomer. He has spent the last 21 years competing as a distance runner and continues to help runners from around the world on his website rundreamachieve.com.

Nathan is a 2008 USA Olympic Marathon Trials “A” standard qualifier having broken 2.20.00 for the marathon distance at the 2007 California International Marathon finishing 4th and top American with a time of 2.19.35.

He is also the author of the 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint, a motivational guide and training schedule geared specifically for runners around the world seeking to break the 4 hour marathon barrier.

Nathan, a former member of the prestigious US Army World Class Athlete Program dropped nearly 22 minutes off his previous marathon best of 2.43.36 to achieve a lifelong goal to qualify for the Olympic Trials. He shares all of expertise of what runners need to do in order to break the sub 2 hour half-marathon in his manifesto.

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I am no phenom, just an ordinary guy who was looking to improve my running. In the marathon, I went from 4:40 to 3:36 and then to 3:27, a Boston Marathon qualifying time for my age group in less than two years of running. Much of this success can be attributed to having a lot of heart and dedication.The other part, I can honestly say, happened when I was fortunate to find Nate Pennington as a coach on RunDreamAchieve. Nate crafted a thoughtful, personalized training plan which allowed me to achieve my dream of a BQ! Moreover. Nate is very accessible through email and always answered any questions I had in a timely manner.It will be a worthwhile investment in your running future.”

-Bill Haegle, 3.27 Marathoner, Boston Marathon Qualifier

Nate Pennington is a great coach, a nationally competitive athlete, and just a really good guy. His steadfast work ethic and intense dedication to the sport ensures that his athletes will enjoy individual attention and thoughtful coaching.

– Luke Watson, 3:57 miler and 2:15:29 marathoner

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